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– Jay / Vesania

Giant-Slayer [Prompt: Tempting the Behemoth]

The sun is setting as Sam stands on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the small town of Senjuud. She admires the serenity of the scenery, wishing this would last forever. In her mind, she knows that that would be too good to be true. The peace is suddenly broken, as a loud whistle fills […]

Yearly Tradition [Prompt: The Soul Industry]

I’ll never forget that sight. A multitude of wisps of pale light streaming out of that factory on the hill, rushing into the night sky as if longing to join the stars. I could only stare in awe, taken aback by the splendor. The anxiety in my heart slowly fades away as I feel warmth […]

Wilted Flower [Prompt: Archive of Minds]

Pacing back and forth across the squalid room as if deliberately wearing down the rotting wooden floor, Sebastian is trying to wrap his head around the events which have led him up to this point. After having to sneak into the heavily-guarded Myosotis Industries facility, then having to evade the turret drones when alarms were […]

Read Me [Prompt: The Bestiary]

First of all, I bid you the best of luck. As you find this note, you have uncovered an aged tome of wonder. As such, a tradition of adventurers, explorers, and scribes has been passed on to you. Unfortunately, this entails leaving your past behind, as your life will never be the same again. You […]

Free [Prompt: A Fleeting Glimpse]

The soft thumps of my bare feet hitting the cold stone floor echo throughout this house of iron and concrete, accentuated by the jingling of the chains which bind them. My breath gets heavier and heavier with each step. These walls which have held this broken soul now taunt me with their stillness, their jeers […]

Dark Before Dawn

             Twilight falls over a slum area in Manila, and the streets of the city, though filled with the hubbub of housewives gossiping and children playing during the day, is now as quiet as the moon shining above. A boy sits alone in front of a desk with a pencil in hand, tapping It against […]

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